Sport: Football
Team(s): New York Giants
Champion: Super Bowl XLII (2008)
Offense(s): Attempted criminal possession of a weapon
Sentence: Two years

It was all good just a year ago. This statement held more truth for Plaxico Burress than anyone else back in 2009. Just a year before accepting a plea deal to serve his 20-month sentence for shooting himself in the leg, the former Giants wideout was on the other end of the Super-winning TD pass from Eli Manning. Less than a year later, partying at a nightclub, he accidentally fired a round into his own leg when his gun slid out of his elastic waistband. A witness reported hearing a loud "popping" sound and turned to see a clearly pained Burress. She reported that the Super Bowl champion said simply, "take me to a hospital" while standing in a small puddle of his own blood.

Unfortunately for Burress, a self-inflicted gunshot wound was the least of his problems. New York has some of the harshest concealed weapons laws in the country. After doing two years in the slammer, Burress continued his living hell by joining the 2011 Jets.