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Most 92-year-old people can't eat an apple without losing a couple of teeth, if they're still lucky enough to have their teeth at all. But 92-year-old Mike "Mighty Atom Jr." Greenstein can do something pretty amazing with his chompers, and he's planning on showing off his skill in Coney Island next weekend.

The great-grandfather is going to attach two ropes to the hood of his 2006 Buick LaCrosse, put a leather strap attached to the ropes into his mouth, and then pull his car. Greenstein—who is the son of former carnival freak Joe "Mighty Atom" Greenstein—never turned his ability to pull cars with his teeth into a career like his dad. But he will show it off at the Olde Time Coney Island Strongman Spectacular on Sunday afternoon.

"It's all about mind control," Greenstein told the New York Daily News over the weekend. "I just blank my mind and concentrate and I say, 'I am more powerful than this car.'"

Let's hope so. Otherwise Greenstein might be missing quite a few teeth come Monday morning.

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