Just the other day we were discussing the need for a new Buick Riviera, and while we were imagining it as being based on the Camaro's platform, Buick was imagining this. This Riviera is a W-PHEV, or a wireless plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. This means that you can either charge it up by plugging it in, or by simply parking it over an induction mat installed in the owner's garage. 

In addition to it essentially being Volt 2, the Riviera Concept also features 10 cameras and 18 precision sensors that feed a holographic image of potential obstacles to the driver, complete with night vision for when those fancy looking headlights just don't cut it. Of course, it's also 4G LTE ready, because nobody will pay attention to anything that isn't.

We this it's beautiful, and should definitely be the new base of Buick design language.

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[via GM]