First of all, we all have Boston on our minds. Yesterday was intense but at least they got him alive. Hopefully we can get a motive. We're pulling for everybody that's feeling the effects of the bombing. Let's start the rehabilitation process, have a few laughs, and try to enjoy the 2013 NBA Playoffs this weekend. Other than the unfortunate event in Boston, this week was filled with Kobe talk. Half of this list is dedicated to the Mamba. You know people on the Internet don't know how to act when it comes to memes. In other news, Derek Jeter had a major setback, officially ending the Yankees' season. It's gonna be a very long year in the Bronx. And Tracy McGrady just got the best seat in the house by signing with the Spurs. We wonder if he can contribute. Get your Jeremy Lin face Photoshop game up and check out the Funniest Memes of the Week.

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