Tiger Woods has devoted his life to sinking puts and driving golf balls. The dude's had a perfect stroke since he was a toddler. When you devote that much time to knocking a ball around a country club, you're going to have a hard time chipping your way out of some of life's sand traps.

We shouldn't be surprised that Tiger's imperfect. His dad throttled him since birth, he was a national celebrity before the legal drinking age, and he's been receiving enormous endorsement checks since he was in his 20s. When you combine that kind of entitlement with fame and competition, it's amazing that all he did was cheat on his wife. We should remember that. He didn't commit a crime. He did what three-quarters of the goons reading this story would have done, if put in the same position. 

We shouldn't expect Tiger Woods to be a perfect person. He's a transcendent athlete that's paid to entertain and perform. And when it comes to raising golf's profile, the sport has never seen a bigger badass.