Would Resemble:: John McCain

Rasheed Wallace is an O.G. John McCain is old school. Have these guys ever met each other? Rasheed is stuck in the past where players trash talked incessantly and threw elbows without fear of repercussion. Nowadays, the new rules of the NBA have watered down the league to calling ticky-tack fouls and coddling the biggest names in the game. Wallace is just from a different era.

If he were to enter into politics, even though we all know no one would, Rasheed would be the aggressor. He would resort to old school tactics. Someone attacks us, we attack back. Somebody's talking slick about a plan we're putting in motion, shut that person up! Things like that. It wouldn't be a pretty sight...unless 'Sheed is getting things done, then the rest of his party may turn a blind eye to it all. But which group would he represent? Probably the "Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'" party.