Sport: Baseball
Charges: Bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets, money laundering, grand theft auto, identity theft, indecent exposure
Number Of Arrests: 4

Lenny Dykstra was the spark plug of the 1986 World Series champion Mets and put together great numbers as the Met leadoff man. He was traded to Philly where he would become beloved by the fans in Philadelphia for his hard-nosed play but after driving drunk and injuring himself it took some time for Lenny to get his form back. That drunk driving incident was only the start of it for Dykstra who would be plagued with many more crimes and incidents to come. Sexual harassment of a 17-year-old who worked at his car was? Yikes and yes. Hiring a female escort then writing her a bad check for $1,000? Yup. Bankruptcy fraud? Huh-huh. Sexual assault of his housekeeper? Yeah, that too. Then, "Nails" tried to buy a bunch of cars from various dealers by using false bank statements and was charged with grand theft auto and falsifying documents. And then to cap it all off he's charged with indecent exposure. Lenny's now serving three years for his exploits.