We're accustomed to looking across the Atlantic to see all sorts of cars that we lust after and can't have, like the Mercedes A45 AMG, Volkswagen Scirocco, Bowler EXR-S, and anything weird and French. All the while, the Europeans have been peeking at us and wanting to have a go at the Ford Mustang.

Now they're getting it, but it's with a catch. The Euro Mustang will be powered by a version of the Turbo I4 from the Focus ST that has been bored out to 2.3L. The added displacement means that the turbo Mustang will be pushed by the power of 300 horses, but the character just won't be the same. 

Reports are conflicting as to whether or not a proper V8 will be available; Top Gear says the turbo four will be the only engine, while a Jalopnik report says the five-point-oh will be shipped over to Europe as well. If it isn't, we don't see this being a resounding sale success.

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