Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Sure ya have. Everyone has. But, not everyone finds the answer they're looking for. Not everyone is Robert Guerrero.

Guerrero—aka "The Ghost"—is making the rounds right now and doing promo for his May fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. And, recently, he stopped by "The 700 Club" and talked about how he believes that his purpose in life is to deliver a beat down to Money May.

"When you believe, amazing things happen," he said. "I'm telling you all now that I am going to beat him. I believe God does things for a reason. I believe he put me here to humble Floyd Mayweather, and it is going to happen."

Love the confidence. But, what happens if Guerrero doesn't beat Mayweather? What's his purpose then? We have no idea. But, we'll save him a seat at the end of the bar just in case. He can come and join the "What the %&^* is my purpose?" club. And, after the payout he's getting for the Mayweather fight, drinks are on him.

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[via Boxing Scene]