Dwyane Wade may have played his high school basketball in the outskirts of Chicago, but he feels that Chi-Town is his home. Still, Wade feels that his childhood of balling in the suburbs has prevented him from being full embraced by the Chi. 

“It’s always been a knock on guys who played in the suburbs,” said Wade… “You didn’t get as much attention because they think it’s not as tough or whatever the case may be. I think I represent the city. Guys are proud of that, but it’s something different between guys that go to school in the city and the suburbs.”

When it comes to the whole Chicago vs. the 'burbs debate, Roy Schmidt, editor of Illinois Preps Bulls-Eye admitted to Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel the following, “There’s no question when you think basketball in Chicago, your natural tendency is to think Mark Aguirre, Isaiah Thomas, Doc Rivers, Terry Cummings and Derrick Rose. So I can certainly understand Dwyane saying that.”

Clearly, Wade is an accomplished NBA player, who should be embraced even if it's from a nearby city, right? Weigh in, in the comments section.  

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]