Location: Staten Island, NY
Specialty: Japanese, European, Luxury, SUV/Truck, Domestic

Having worked on Hondas, Lambos and everything in-between, Xclusv Autosports truly runs the gamut. Unfortunately, this gamut depleted a chunk of vowels from the shop's name. All joking aside (I mean this is a serious list, right?), Xclusv works on custom interiors and audio systems, forced induction (supercharger or turbocharger), one-off paint, clutch jobs, car wraps and more! Their work is so reputable, Xclusv has supplied vehicles for the likes of 50 Cent and Cam'ron for their music videos. Just don't ask them to try and spell the shop's name. Instead, have them peruse the shop's new clothing and sneaker showroom. New kicks, to match the modified whip.