Earlier today at NASCAR's International Series race—the race right before the Daytona 500—the race ended with an insane crash, the kind that goes far beyond the kind of thing people like to see out of races: Drivers were injured, but even more shockingly, so were some fans.

One fan took a video of the crash from what appears to be thirty feet from where it happened, and about ten feet from where a tire from one of the cars landed in the crowd. They immediately uploaded it to YouTube, and it looks like NASCAR took pretty swift action to get it removed:

Of course, once something's on the Internet, and people have seen it, it's out there. And this is one message NASCAR isn't going to be able to control today.

Warning: If you have a weak stomach, there's nothing explicitly graphic about this video, but it is disturbing.

That said, here's the International Series crash video that NASCAR didn't want you to see:

NASCAR Daytona Crash - From the Stands, Fan... by dm_5129537ebef35

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