A lot of people expect that one big crash in superspeedway races like in Daytona, but nothing this terrifying. The fans were watching a close race at DRIVE4COPD 300 when Kyle Larson's car got turned sideways and into a collision that send it airborne. The car broke into pieces, sending parts of the engine and at least one tire into the stands. The wreck sent 15 spectactors to the hospital, including one on the way to surgery because of head trauma.

Tony Stewart won the race, but he understood the situation was bigger than victory and defeat. He said, "We've always known this is a dangerous sport, but it's hard when the fans get caught up in it. As much as we want to celebrate, I'm more concerned about the fans and the drivers right now. We want to put on a good show, but not at the risk to fans. There's no easy solution on these types of track."

Click here for images of the crash.

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[via The Big Lead]