As the growth of online purchasing has hit enormous heights, it's easy to get carried away. Click, click, click, Paypal, click. Boom, you have three new sneakers, a boss leather jacket, five pounds of Haribo gummy bears, and a Vespa. It's legitimately that easy these days. However, there's always a huge risk of buying something that isn't really what you think you purchased. As it turns out, those sneakers are all fake, the jacket is pleather, the gummy bears are Trolli, and the Vespa is actually a Honda.

It's easy to be deceived, and in our automotive realm, deception simply cannot happen, when we're looking for a new car. In order for us to spend thousands of dollars, we need to be 100 percent sure of what we're getting. As you're strolling through listings, make sure you keep these suggestions in mind, so you don't get scammed. Here are 10 Signs Not To Buy a Car on eBay

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