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Although Fast and the Furious 6 isn't out until Memorial Day Weekend (5/24/13), slow details have been trickling through the cracks, whether they're set photos, or details on what cars will be seen and used in the new flick. The newest information is that the Nissan GT-R, tuned by R's and SP Engineering, you see above will have a fairly prominent role. 

The GT-R, named project BenSopra, has a new cooling system and camber arms, a Switzer P800 turbo kit, an HKS downpipe, a resonated Y-pipe, and a tuned ECM. Those add-ons are good enough for 685 horsepower and 603 lb.-ft. of torque, as you can see from the dyno. Judging by those numbers, it'd be incredible if there were many in the movie that could outrun this Godzilla. 

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[via SP Engineering]