Athlete: Leon Lett
When: 1/3/1993

Before YouTube made it possible to completely disgrace a professional athlete, Leon Lett was the JaVale McGee of football. He was talented but a totally concussed idiot with half of a degree from the prestigious Emporia State. During Super Bowl XXVII, he picked up a fumble. While sprinting down the field, he held the ball out like he was carrying a shopping bag (because that was just getting cool back then), and had it knocked out of his hand by a hustling Don Beebe. 

The ball went through the back of the end zone, resulting in a touchback, giving possession to the Buffalo Bills. Lett and the Cowboys would get the last laugh, winning the game by 35 points and Lett would say afterward that he was distracted "watching the Jumbotron" and tried to pull a "Michael Irvin."