Are today's NBA players good at talking trash? Well, if you believe everything that you read and you really think that Kevin Garnett told Carmelo Anthony that his wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios, then yes, today's NBA players absolutely are good at talking trash. But, Rockets head coach Kevin McHale sees—and, more importantly, hears—things differently. In light of the recent allegations made against KG and his big mouth, McHale was asked about today's NBA trash talk recently. And, he used just one word to describe it: Weak.

"If you heard half the stuff we used to say," he said late last week. "None of our guys [today] are fighters, believe me. Just go out and play basketball. The rest of that stuff is absolutely silly. So, he talked some smack. Big deal. Everybody talked smack."

McHale also said that he didn't blame KG for talking trash to try and gain an edge over 'Melo and criticized today's players for being too sensitive.

"In today's game, 'I don't like you' is crossing the line," he said. "If you're not saying, 'Let's have dinner and exchange numbers,' c'mon. It's ridiculous. How can you go too far? You're trying to beat the other team. What's too far?"

He's got a point. As we look back at what happened between KG and 'Melo a week ago, we can't help but think that whatever KG said—Cheerios or not—couldn't have been that bad. And, even if it was, what's the big deal? They call it trash talk for a reason. Why can't today's NBA players deal with it?

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[via Dime]