What's with all the NBA players fighting off the court recently?!

Yesterday, we told you about how Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard reportedly almost came to blows following a game against the 76ers on New Year's Day (they made light of the fight in question by using this picture, but who knows what really happened?). Earlier this season, an altercation reportedly took place between Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins after they were both ejected from a game between the Grizzlies and Thunder. And, last night, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett were thisclose to knuckling up outside of the Celtics team bus in the bowels of Madison Square Garden after the two had a heated exchange in the fourth quarter of the Knicks/Celtics game. It didn't come to that. But, as you can see here, Melo was very upset after the game ended and reportedly tried to enter the Celtics locker room, before switching up his approach and waiting for KG outside the C's bus instead.

No punches were thrown and, from the sound of things, cooler heads eventually prevailed. But, of the three "fights" listed above, the one that nearly took place last night was easily the worst and could have escalated into something pretty crazy. We're glad it didn't come to that. But, yo: Fellow NBA players need to take notice. Melo is the wrong guy to eff with. And, KG just found that out the hard way.

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[via Celtics Talk]