If we had to pick two NBA players to headline a fight, Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins would be extremely high on our list. Both of them are bruising big men who look like they can pack a punch. And, during last night's Grizzlies/Thunder game, we almost got our wish.

Towards the end of the contest, both Z-Bo and Perk got hit with technical fouls and were tossed from the game for getting chippy with one another. But, according to several reports, the action didn't stop there. First, several reporters hit Twitter to reveal that some type of altercation had occurred between Randolph and Perkins back by the locker room area.

Then, ESPN's John Hollinger sent out a contradictory report:

But, it's clear that something happened between Randolph and Perkins, as several reporters noted that they heard the two yelling at each other and carrying on well after they left the court:

So, what did happen? Well, unfortunately, no one is really sure. Neither big man talked to the media about the altercation after the game and, if there was a fight, no one got it on camera. But, the Grizzlies and Thunder do play two more times this season, so this definitely isn't over.

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[via SB Nation]