Date: 9/14/2011

When Chris Bosh speaks, the world listens. He's, like, the sixth most interesting dude on the Heat, a major score as an in-studio guest for First Take. Bayless often refers to the Heat forward as "Bosh Spice"—an obvious play on a particularly fashionable Spice Girl.

Bayless starts the interview by congratulating Bosh for having the guts to meet him face-to-face. Strange, because even a player as soft as Bosh could smash Bayless' wrinkled face into the teleprompter. The interview goes like this: the seven time NBA all-star gives a perplexing, completely ridiculous lecture on his family's name, Bayless counters with an entirely too long diatribe about how soft he plays and Jemele Hill chimes in with something that nobody really pays attention to. The event culminates with Bayless taking a rant into commercial while Bosh sits in his chair expressionless for 12 minutes. Damn, is The View on yet?