Earlier this week, the Arlington High School girls basketball team lost a game 107-2 to Bloomington South High School. Sucks to be them, right? Surprisingly, no. Shortly after they lost, seemingly everyone wanted to book them for interviews (including Good Morning America and CBS This Morning), although they refused the requests. But, they were more than happy to accommodate comedian Mike Epps, who stopped by the school unannounced on Wednesday to talk to the team. He was in Indianapolis for a charity benefit being thrown by Reggie Wayne and wanted to help cheer the girls up after their historic loss.

"I made it to where I did because I was losing all the time," he told them. "I got cut from basketball teams. I took all my trials and tribulations, and all my losses, and I made something out of it."

It was a pretty cool gesture by Epps. While everybody else out there was making jokes and clowning Arlington, he was the one who got serious for a change and provided the girls with some motivation. Nice move. Check out some photos of him at the school in the thumbs gallery above.

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[via The Star Press]