A few weeks back, some people were up in arms when Jack Taylor, a guard for tiny Grinnell College, scored 138 points in a single game in a game that his team won by 75 points. They questioned why Taylor's coach didn't pull him long before he hit the 138-point mark and talked a lot about sportsmanship in collegiate athletics. And, if they were upset about that, then we expect them to riot over something that happened in Indianapolis last night.

The Bloomington South High School girls basketball team won a game against Arlington High School on Tuesday night in blowout fashion. And, when we say blowout, we mean blowout. The final score was 107-2 with Arlington only managing to score two points on two free throws that took place in the second and third quarters. After the game, a spokesman for the Indiana High School Athletic Association came out and said that a score like 107-2 isn't something that they like to see. But, at the same time, he also confirmed that the IHSAA doesn't have any sort of mercy rule in place to prevent it from happening.

107-2, though?! At some point, if you're Bloomington South, you have to just hold the ball out and stop scoring. Er, right?

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[via ESPN]

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