Say hello to Gabrielle Ludwig. She's 50 years old. She's six-foot-six. She's a transsexual who used to go by the name Robert. And, oh yeah, she just played in her first game as a member of the Mission College women's basketball team—about 30 years after playing in her last game of organized ball as a man.

She also has an incredibly crazy story that includes a failed suicide attempt, failed marriages, a daughter, a long stint in the Navy, a sex-change operation, and a whole bunch of haters who don't want her to have anything to do with women's basketball. As you'd probably expect, she's causing a lot of controversy out in Fremont, Calif. right now for what she's doing.

No matter how you feel about her playing—for the record, only one word came to mind after we read her story and that word is "courageous"—you need to read the piece that USA Today just did on her to truly understand what she's been through and what she's going through now. Check it out.

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[via USA Today]