In a recent piece from ESPN, LeBron James started off by discussing whether he was more proud of his streak of scoring at least 20 points in each of his first 23 games this season or not being called for a foul in the last 212+ minutes. James ended up choosing "the foul thing," then followed that up by saying, "I don't care about scoring as much." As they say, numbers don't lie and LeBron's career-low 18.2 field goal attempts per game this season prove that he has tried this year to become a more well-rounded player. 

OK, good point. We'll give you that. But, James wasn't done there. Later on, LeBron went as far as to say, "If I wanted to, I could lead the league in scoring, but that's not my job here." Of course, taking that comment at face value could drive the Bron Bron haters insane, but he did try to further explain his claim. "My job is to do a lot of everything - rebounding, passing and defending so that takes away from my scoring. I've done (the scoring title) before. I'm capable of doing it, but my game sometimes doesn't allow me to have those big nights." 

When a reporter brought up the fact that it took 46 attempts to get Kobe Bryant to 81 points, James laughed and said that he "wouldn't be able to do that on this Heat team with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh also needing the ball." "There's only a couple guys in the league that can do that, shoot 46 shots and Kobe is one of them," James said with a smile. "Melo, KD, maybe when he's feeling it. Monta (Ellis). Wow, 46 shots. I don't know."

LeBron is saying the truth on all fronts. 

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