For those who were on bath salts stuck under a rock for the past week: The 500-pound monkey is off LeBron James' back now that he and the Miami Heat have won the 2012 NBA championship. For a guy and team that have faced more criticism, hate, and media coverage than any single athlete or team of this generation, it was fun watching people go apeshit over their win.

Everybody had a vested interest in their run, and a lot of people were fucking pissed weren't happy with how the Finals played out. We'd be lying if we said King James and the Heat haven't given people reasons to hate them. "The Decision" and the infamous pep rally shortly thereafter were admitted faults on their part, but some of the haters' other complaints are just bogus. Check out some of the most common ones in The Dumbest Reasons to Hate on LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

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