It's no secret that LeBron James idolized Michael Jordan when he was growing up. But, he had other idols, too. And, one in particular might surprise you. When you was younger, King James loved professional wrestling. Specifically, he was a big fan of Ric Flair. So, when he had the opportunity to meet the Nature Boy before the Heat/Bobcats game on Wednesday, he was thrilled. Afterwards, he talked about his love for wrestling and also also gave Flair credit for inventing the concept of "swag."

"When I was a kid, I loved wrestling," James told reporters. "He was one of the guys I loved, too. I think he's one of the creators of what we call swag these days with the Rolexes and the stretch limos and all the girls and all that stuff. He's one of the creators of swag."

High praise from the King. Wooooooo!

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[via ThePostGame]