In a story that's become entirely too long and sordid for us to even consider recounting here in it's entirety, one Chicago woman has found herself owing the city of Chicago upwards of $100,000 for parking tickets on a car that she claims does not even belong to her. We'll spare you all of the details and give you the short version: 31 year old, single mother of one Jennifer Fitzgerald's ex-boyfriend bought a car and put it in her name. He parked it at an airport for three years where it accumulated 678 violations totalling $105,761.80 in fines, setting the record for the highest number of violations and highest fines. It's become a mess of red tape, and is starting to look like she may have to actually pay the fines. For the full story, hit the link to The Expired Meter, below:

[via The Expired Meter]

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