With Rob Parker's "cornball brother" comments and Mitch Holthus' "Puerto Rican temper" slip-up still fresh in the collective mind of the public, another color commentator from the Worldwide Leader in Sports just dropped another gem.

Following Tottenham Hotspur's 4-0 dismantling of Aston Villa, ESPN Soccernet's Dan Fitch used an interesting analogy to describe the losing team's poor play. 

In the first-half, Tottenham resembled a male teenage virgin who has a girl in the palm of his hand but can’t summon the courage or conviction to make the killer move that will see them over the line.

Then, one goal later and Spurs are suddenly notching them up like an in-prime Rod Stewart once racked up blondes. 

So, ESPN analysts are really finishing the year strong, huh? 

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[via SportsGrid]