We've gotta give it up for Christian Ponder. Even though the Vikings are sitting at 8-6 so far this season, Adrian Peterson is the guy getting most of the credit for the team's success. In fact, most NFL analysts believe that Minnesota is winning right now in spite of Ponder, who has been anything but spectacular this season. So, we've gotta give it up for him for taking advantage of his position as a starting QB in the NFL while he still can.

Earlier this season, he started dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele, who landed at No. 5 on our recent list of The 25 Hottest Sideline Reporters Right Now. About two weeks ago, the couple got engaged. And, now comes the news that, on Monday, Ponder and Steele were married at a courthouse in Wisconsin.

Did they get married too fast? Eh, yeah, probably. But, yo: Ponder might not be QB1 in Minnesota—or anywhere else, for that matter—for much longer. So, we've gotta give him some props for making the most of his current situation and getting hitched to one of the baddest sideline reporters in the game.

Check out our thumbs gallery to get a better look at Steele. Can you really blame Ponder for rushing into marriage so quickly?!

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[via The Big Lead]