Sideline reporting has had a queen in recent years, and that queen was Erin Andrews. We'll just get that out of the way. Erin Andrews is not on this list because she retired from the sideline biz and is now the host of Fox's college football in-studio coverage. It's like ESPN's gameday but with a hotter anchor (sorry, Rece Davis and Chris Fowler).

But we digress. Erin was the queen, but not the only babe checking in with coaches as they scrambled off the field. Erin had competition in Michelle Beadle, Melanie Collins, Charissa Thompson, and others, all of whom have moved on to desk jobs or other fields entirely. 

Which leaves... who? Who's the "next Erin Andrews" we keep searching for? Is it a fresh youngster or an experienced (but overshadowed) veteran? Maybe the answer is in this list, and maybe it's not. After all, there may never be a next Erin Andrews just as there may never be a next Babe Ruth or Wilt Chamberlain. 

We'll see, but for today, here are the top 25 in the game right now, the pretenders to the throne. 

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