Kobe Bryant has given Steve Nash a new nickname. And, it's a little bit, er, strange—mostly because we have absolutely no idea what it means.

In a piece that was published in the Los Angeles Times yesterday, KB24 talked briefly about how much he's had to bring the ball up so far this season—and also revealed Nash's new moniker in the process.

"Bringing the ball up and having me kind of initiate the offense and score and stuff like that," he said, "it's making me work a little more than I will when Gatsby gets back. When Gatsby gets back I don't have to do that. The game's going to become even more easy for me."

The LA Times writer then points out that when Kobe says "Gatsby," he's referring to Nash. To which we say: What?!?

Unfortunately, the LA Times doesn't shine any light on why Nash is now known as Gatsby or where the nickname came from. But, we can only assume that this had something to do with it.

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[via Los Angeles Times]