Newcomers Dwight Howard and Steve Nash are looking to give the Lakers the championship push they've been looking for. They have to come out strong, posed, and intimidating. Steve Nash decided he didn't want to take that approach as he came to the season opener against the Mavericks dressed in a salmon pink sweater, blue and pink bow tie and Louis Vuitton man purse. Say word?

Not only have his 7 points and 4 assists in the losing effort gotten mixed reviews, but even his questionable attire off the court, especially the navy blue bowtie with pink floral emblems, has Twitterverse and NBA fans all over collectively scratching their heads. Is this the new Laker Nash? Only time will tell.

EDIT: Thanks to Dapper + Dash for informing us that Nash is rocking one of their bow ties, which you can find on their site now for $42.

[via SB Nation]