The problem with RVs is that they are unwieldy machines that can't really go places where hotels haven't already been built, and even expensive hotels are a lot cheaper than RVs. That's why Thaler Design has created this conversion kit for your Jeep Wrangler. For your $53,500 (not including the donor car) you get a camper shell with a pop-up roof, a small kitchen, a bathroom, a fridge, a sink, a fresh-water tank, and sewage tank, and a fold out, king-size bed.

If you can lift it you can even get the thing off, for those times when you don't need to haul an efficiency apartment around with you. Amazingly, because of all the Jeep bits that are removed to fit the ActionCamper and the relative light weight of the camper itself, this only adds 440lbs to the weight of the vehicle. 

It might be expensive, but we think it's worth it.

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[via ActionCamper]

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