What's with all these tiny cars getting dressed up in doomsday attire? First it was the Hyundai Elantra, now the Chevy Spark? We'd still take the Avtoros Wamah Shaman, but that's just us. This special edition Spark, built by Enemy To Fashion and inspired by vintage Army surplus colors and materials, is an unexpected pleasant surprise to the eye. 

“It screams post-apocalyptic Cannonball Run,” said Weapon Collective Creative Director Caleb Clark. “It’s not what you would expect to see from a Chevy Spark, but the car really wears it well.”

It also rocks that top power rack well. No, those aren't zombie-killing rocket launchers, they're speakers. Kickers, to be exact, and they'd be perfect for blasting out Mars Attacks alien-murdering music. Or throwing a sweet block party, if you're into less exciting things. 

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[via Enemy To Fashion]