Say what you want about Dwyane Wade. The guy has a big heart.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, D-Wade doesn't think that the Heat/Knicks game that's set to be played at Madison Square Garden should go on as scheduled. In fact, he doesn't know why the NBA hasn't stepped in and postponed the game until a later date.

"I just felt that [there were] bigger things to be concerned about than us being here to play a basketball game," he said earlier today. "Obviously, sports…takes people's minds away from things, but I think there are bigger things that need to be done here in this city."

Wade was asked his opinion on the subject after he came under fire late yesterday for sending out a tweet about the Heat having trouble getting into the Big Apple because of all the traffic caused by Sandy.

"3 hour traffic just to get into the NY city," he tweeted. "#C'monMan."

But, he clarified it by saying that he wasn't upset about the traffic. He was upset that the game hadn't been cancelled.

"We deal with traffic all the time," he explained. "It was more so that the city is dealing with so much. If we're in the car and we're in traffic for three hours…what are the other people that are really affected by this, what are they doing? How are they getting around? How are they moving?…It was just like, 'C'mon, man. We shouldn't be here to play a basketball game. If anything, we should be here to do something to help the city.'"

Hear that, Commissioner Stern? It's too late to cancel the game at this point. But, there has to be something the Heat players can do before they leave to help justify playing at MSG tonight. Your move.

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[via ESPN New York]