We were recently in Sonoma County, California to try out the new SRT Viper—in all of its iterations—on both the beautiful winding mountain roads of the area and at Sonoma Raceway. While you'l have to wait for the Feb/March Issue of Complex Magazine to get our full impressions on the car, we will tell you now that it is, by far, the best Viper ever, and quite possibly the best sportscar in its price range. 

Right now, however, we're going to celebrate the design of the car: It's sleeker and more elegant than any of its predecessors, but it certainly hasn't lost that "loud and proud" presence. One dude in a truck leaned his whole body out of his window to wave at us, one woman couldn't stop laughing when she saw it, and a boy in the back of a brand new BMW quite literally slobbered on the otherwise pristine car's window. It's not subtle. 

Here's your chance to live vicariously through us and this bountiful offering of car porn we give to you.

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