If you go out and get hammered the night before, do you end up performing well at work the next day? Probably not. Then again, you're probably not getting paid millions per year to do your job and the skills it requires probably weren't God-given. Both are just a couple more reasons to envy superstar athletes.

They love alcohol just like us but some of them perform just as well with ethanol running through their veins as they do with Gatorade. One example is Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera. He accomplished a feat that hadn't been done in 45 years this season but just one year ago everyone was freaking out over an epic bender that included him taking a swig of Scotch in front of the police. Cabrera isn't the only great athlete that loved to hit the bottle though. From Allen Iverson to Babe Ruth, check out the 20 Greatest Hard-Drinking Athletes of All Time.

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