Third Base, Detroit Tigers
Date: 10/3/2009

It's shocking to think that after 162-game season a pair of teams could be tied for the division lead. In '09, that exact scenario played for the Tigers and Twins, forcing a winner-take-all, one game playoff. And in the night before the most important game of the season, Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera got totally annihilated with a handful of players from the Chicago White Sox. 

Cabrera reportedly got hammered at hotel bar and was unaccounted for until he showed up to his home at 6 a.m. His wife, who was probably aware that bars close at 2am, questioned Cabrera about his whereabouts, starting a domestic disturbance that led to scratches and Cabrera's face and left his wife with a busted lip. 

Police were called to Cabrera's home where, according to the police report,  was "very uncooperative and highly intoxicated." In fact, Cabrera registered a blood alcohol level of .26, more than three times the legal limit. That's a lot of booze, even for a 240-pound baseball player from the Dominican Republic.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski picked Cabrera up at the police station the following morning, less than 10 hours before he was set to take the field. The Tigers would go on to lose their one-game playoff to the Twins who, more than likely, took a bit more prudent approach pregame hydration.

Two years later Cabrera was arrested for DUI and was reportedly so intoxicated that he took a swig of scotch while being questioned by the arresting officer. The highly uncooperative baseball star repeatedly resisted arrest by running into the street with his hands in the air. And when asked to step into the patrol car, Cabrera hit the cops with the always popular, “Fuck you. Do you know who I am?”