Original Airing: 2006-2010

When Pros vs. Joes debuted in '06, it pitted mouthy substitute teachers against down-on-their-luck professional athletes with the grating, but effective commentary of Petros Papadakis. The show's premise of breaking off arrogant weekend warriors with no hand-eye coordination was awesome. It's was something we could relate to. We've all balled with that douche in open gym, throwing elbows and talking shit. It was nice to see Bill Romanowski spear him to the turf in a particularly violent game of flag football. But the show's overhaul after a couple seasons ruined a once worthwhile franchise. 

Papadakis was replaced with the vomitus, wooden combination of Jay Glazer and Michael Strahan. The "Joes" have become former D-1 athletes who are a few years removed from competitions. And the "Pros" are typically Shawn Kemp-types, desperate for a pay check and zoning on methadone. Finally, the show relies on an absolutely ridiculous amount of replays and recaps. Seriously. There's, maybe, nine minutes of actual in-game footage per hour-long episode. We didn't think it was possible, but finally there's a show too lame for SpikeTV.