Good thing we have been brushing up on our Portuguese because according to a story by the Brazilian website, Anderson Silva is changing his tune about possibly meeting Jon Jones in the Octagon before calling it a career. Earlier in the week, The Spider said that he would never face Jones, but now, Silva is reportedly saying that he is open to the idea of what some would call "the real fight of the century."

During the post-fight press conference for Silva/Bonnar, UFC president Dana White mentioned that Silva would agree to a superfight with Bones for the right amount of money. However, The Spider is maintaining that the money isn't a major sticking point for him. Instead, Silva just wants to make sure that their respective titles won't be on the line if the two were to fight one another. 

And one more thing, Silva would be more willing to take on Jones if it's something that the fans really want to see. Now, we all know the answer to that question. So Bones, the ball's in your court.    

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