The NBA is working on a way to fight flopping for this upcoming season. The league met with their competition committee recently and will probably start reviewing flops after games and assess fines to the culprits. They hope hitting them where it hurts will work as a deterrent.

A league spokesman said, "The procedures will likely involve a postgame review as opposed to calling it as an in-game infraction."

The new policy won't need an approval from the Board of Governors because it doesn't deal with on-court play, according to The league will be looking to crackdown on acting like they've been doing with players complaining. News of this came out during the league's officiating department's annual preseason camp. This was the first camp under Mike Bantom, the new vice president of referee operations who replaced former U.S. Army Gen. Ron Johnson.

David Stern better not be playing with our emotions here. This is great news that'll make the league less softer than it already is.

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[via CBSSports