On Monday, 21-year-old Eric Ting Yee was arrested on suspicion of making online threats to kill students near one of the two schools close to the man's Valencia home. In a story posted Thursday on ESPN.com regarding the new LeBron James X sneakers, Yee (pictured above) posted a message that the Sheriff's Department deemed as "terrorist threats."

When the comments in the piece turned to a discussion over children getting killed over the sneakers, Yee wrote that "he could see children from where he was at and had no problem murdering them." In addition to that shocking remark, he also "mentioned that it would be like the Aurora, Colorado shooting," Lt. Steven Low said, which is an obvious reference to the July 20 movie theater shooting.

After arresting Yee on Monday at 5 P.M., the police searched his home and found several handguns and "at least one high-capacity-type weapon," according to Los Angeles County sheriff Sgt. Darren Harris. As of right now, the former Yale student, who dropped out just prior to graduating, is still being held on $1 million bail. He is being held on suspicion of making criminal threats, which could land him in jail for up to a year, but Yee could also face charges when the prosecution presents their case to the district attorney.

[via Daily News Los Angeles]