So far, USA basketball hasn't missed a step. Both the men's and the women's squads are proving why they're the best in the world. The men are on a mission to win gold for the second straight time while the women shoot for their fifth straight. That's right, the women are on their way to accomplish a feat that the men haven't done since 1968.

The US has been the benchmark of Olympic basketball since 1936. They've won 16 straight medals (24 if you count the women's 8) since then and are looking to add a few more to that number. There's been a lot of big moments during that time frame on both sides. Like the time Kobe Bryant blew up in the fourth quarter of the 2008 gold medal game in Beijing or when Jordan and Pippen shut Toni Kukoc down. This year's men's team already had a badass moment when a player from Tunisia asked Kobe for an autograph. Check out the rest of The Most Badass Moments in Team USA Basketball History.

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