For some reason, when people speak of great sports cars, American models get left out in the cold. We don't know why. It's not like we haven't built great, award-winning, championship machines. How do you forget about Ford's GT40? And if you can't think that far back, how about the Corvettes that dominate almost every Le Mans competition in which they participate? There's also the 'Vette that was able to go faster than 250 mph decades before Bugatti attempted to do it. The list goes on.

With the 2013 model year sporting a bunch of American performance cars that can go toe-to-toe with their foreign competition, it looks like the tradition will continue. Allow us to jog your memory a bit: From limited edition Corvettes to Warner Brothers-inspired Plymouths to train-beating classics, we count down the 50 Greatest American Sports Cars of All Time.

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