Floyd Mayweather was supposed to be in jail for 90 days, but it looks like good behavior will get him out a little bit earlier than expected. According to a Las Vegas police spokesman, Mayweather is expected to get released this Friday. After beginning his sentence on June 1st at Clark County Detention Center for a 2010 domestic violence conviction, Floyd's team attempted to get the 35-year-old boxer out early to no avail by claiming that Money was "getting out of shape while in solitary confinement."

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. spokesman Bill Cassell added that Mayweather's release date could be bumped up to Thursday evening since "historically, inmates can be processed out the night before." Either way, we all know that his best friend and potential next boxing promoter 50 Cent will be there to greet him with open arms...and a couple stacks.      

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[via Los Angeles Times]

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