Early last month, former wrestling star George "The Animal" Steele made an appearance at a minor league baseball game to throw out the first pitch (if you didn't see it when it went down, you have to see what he did before he threw it). And, it was pretty cool. Allowing someone to throw out a first pitch is a sign of respect. But, we're not sure WTF is going on here. Recently, former WWF star Sgt. Slaughter was invited to a Lakeshore Chinooks game for Military Appreciation Night and, uhhhhhhh….yeah. Judging by this clip, it looks like he probably got about 50 bucks and a couple cold ones to "perform" for fans between innings. 

Good for the Chinooks because it got them some press (while we're on the subject, what the hell is a "Chinook" anyway?). But, it hurts to see a former WWF star reduced to, well, this. Shield your eyes, wrestling fans. This isn't pretty.

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[via Busted Coverage]