Mark Rober is an engineer for NASA, but he doesn't just spend his time designing spaceships, he also does other funny things on YouTube for our amusement. This time, he was testing to see how many people would risk their own lives by swerving out onto the shoulder to kill an animal. Yes, this is roadkill science.

He did this by placing a rubber turtle, snake, or tarantula on the shoulder and watching cars as they went by. He watched 100 cars in total and found out a few interesting things:

  • 6% of motorists will swerve to run over an animal.
  • If you ignore the tarantula, 2.8% swerve to kill.
  • Nobody goes out of their way to run over a leaf.
  • Fat guys in ponytails do not appreciate science; will steal your rubber snake.
  • 89% of the people who did swerve to kill drove SUVs.
The video has even more fun facts and entertaining tidbits. For example, you will discover exactly who it is that would intentionally run over a turtle.
[via YouTube]