Nickname: Rowdy
Age: 25
Class: Bantamweight
Record: 5-0
Association: Team Hayastan, Glendale Fighting Club

Right now, there isn't a more exciting female MMA fighter than Ronda Rousey, and that's not just because of her nakedness on the cover of ESPN's "Body Issue." She has won every match, including her three amateur fights, with an arm bar submission hold during the first round. In fact, it wasn't until her most recent match against the lovely Miesha Tate that her opponent lasted more than a minute.

Aside from the possibly-best-in-the-sport angle (which we shall know for sure when she faces 15-1 Sarah Kaufman on August 18), she excites her fans by not giving a crap whom she pisses off. In recent weeks, she has said she'd kick Kim Kardashian's ass and characterized swimmer Michael Phelps as a diva.