Before you go any further, please make sure you're not eating, or haven't eaten anything heavy in the past hour. This gets pretty nasty. Around the minute mark, the car enters the shot. The driver parks, rolls up his window, opens the door and slowly squats. He sits there for a minute, gets back in the car and simply drives away as if nothing had happened. But something did happen. There's clearly a ridiculously disgusting dark spot on that screen. And guess what that dark spot is? Poop. Yes, human poop. The description of the video sums up the dismal situation: 

"A Freedom Taxi Association cab driver decides to use our street as his bathroom.. Does anyone have any common sense in Philadelphia? The good stuff starts about the 1.30 mark. I called Freedom Taxi whose manger responded with 'It’s not my job to clean it up, we are not sending anyone out.' I also called the Phila City 311 who could only 'take a report,' as well as, emailed the PPA Facebook page and nothing. Contacted the local ABC and NBC and nothing other than call the police. Called the police and they took a report. I asked the cops if I shit on the taxi cab company’s sidewalk, what would happen. Officers told me I would be arrested."

[via Philly Post]