Were he alive today, Joe Paterno may have faced criminal charges related to the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal at Penn State, including child endangerment, perjury, and conspiracy. Legal experts opine that the contents of the Freeh Report, released Thursday, that showed Penn State officials, including Paterno, knew Sandusky was abusing children as long ago as 1998 would open them to possible prosecution. It could also leave the Paterno estate open to civil judgements brought by victims, which is interesting because it has emerged that Paterno renegotiated his contract the same month prosecutors convened a grand jury to investigate Sandusky (long story short: that "offer" by JoePa made to retire at the end of last season after the scandal broke publicly? Bullshit. He was going to be paid $3 million to quit after the season already). Know anybody in the statue removal business in State College? They should have a high profile gig coming up soon.

[via SF Gate]

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